Tired of wearing Black shoes only? Add a twist!

Black shoes for women are a must have! They're Classic and work for any season and any outfit. Loafers in 2016 have been VERY popular. Black and white stripes can be paired with and styled with any outfit. It's your Go to. Rugshoes.com have managed to make fall shoes out of handmade rugs but they have added black and white stripes which add to your general wardrobe but you still stay in your comfort zone! These slip on loafers are stylish and warm!

Below I've added different ways of wearing black and white striped loafers for women. Loafers outfits show sophistication yet give that comfort look that is VERY IN fall 2016. These fall shoes are preppy and can also be worn by men. Who wants to wear heels every single day? But we still want to look stylish right? We all dream of flat shoes that make us look just as hot as we look and feel in our classy heels. Now I have come up with the perfect look which will make you look just as hot and you will get tons of compliments and still manage to rest those feet! 

Black & White Loafer


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